Cancer’s battle with a rebel: A modern day warrior princess!

Breast cancer’s battle ...

Daphne K Knows. Breast cancer survivor

It’s 6:30 am on a Saturday and NO, I am not coming back home from a big night out. In fact, I’m  in my swimmers, my surf lifesaving cap is on and I am just about to race, 2 km in soft sand. Did I mention, that I am really a dancer and the stage is where I am most comfortable?  How did I get here? Jen. Jen, my friend, a modern day Boudica, who inspired and encouraged me to race. Jen’s race was more than this Surf life saving competition, in fact, her race was to beat cancer.

The ancient Greeks say,

“Tell me with who you hang around with and I will tell you what you are.”

The people that you choose to be in your life, can either add or detract from your happiness and well being.

Consequently, I choose Jen and … yeah she is ok with my ‘high energy’, I think!  Among Jen’s values that I love and respect, is her genuine care for our community, her social conscience and genuine love for our environment.  Jen has a curious and inquisitive mind that challenges life and everything with in it. It also helps that she is funny too.

With her insatiable sense of humour, Jen lifts my spirits by giggling at my battles when I am most angry and frustrated.  Jen’s giggles make me see the silly side of whatever is upsetting me.  Jen, somehow finds the humour in things that most people would find terribly challenging.

So, who was Boudica? Boudica was a Celtic war goddess, a queen who led the Iceni tribe of modern-day East Anglia, Britain, in a revolt against Rome.

My Jen is leading her own personal revolt, hers is against breast cancer. Cancer’s battle with Jen is now at round three in six years and Jen, the rebel, is kicking arse!

Every Friday, Jen and I would meet at the beach and run. Every week, whether she has had radiotherapy or chemotherapy, Jen would run hard and strong. I’d ask her, “Are you sure that you are not taking the piss out of me? Surely, you can’t have cancer.”

With a full head of hair, sheer determination and above all courage, cancer had met its match in Jen, the rebel!

No Excuses

It’s raining, it’s pouring and Jen still expects to take me for a run, I mean, take the dogs for a run. You see it always felt like I was being led by her. “Jen”, I would plead, “I have contacts on and the rain will get in my way. I will not be able to see where I am going. Jen insisted, “Wear goggles!”

Jen’s ringlets and rebellious spirit is dissonant with what you would associate with someone who is ‘sick’ and this can be a double edged sword. Not that a war goddess would want your empathy and she would definitely not want sympathy.  However, a little thoughtfulness and kindness from your fellow man would be appreciated especially when times are tough.

My Boudica, Jen, epitomises what we mere mortals can achieve, if only we just focused on our own strengths. The ultimate power is in your mind and the thoughts that you entertain determine your level of happiness and success.  Surrounding yourself with people that love, respect and encourage you is critical when you are faced with life’s battles. We all are challenged in some way and that’s a given. But a healthy sense of humour and a great support network makes the battle a lot easier.

Who is your modern day war goddess or war god? What keeps you motivated?

The nose, knows.

Daphne K Knows

Founder of LAJOIE SKIN

and the anti-chafe cream, Calmmé.

P.S. A great organisation for support or one to help by donating to is Pink Hope, check them out!

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Mr Sparkles (Our dog) and Nashi (Jen’s dog) having a rest after our big run.


Featured image: Photography by Zara King Photography


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    • Daphne
      Daphne says:

      Thank you Leah. Jen is doing really well. Busily arranging musical concerts and chess competitions for her children’s school. Jen is passionatly and actively involved in life! X


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