Daphne Kapetas founder of LAJOIE SKIN and anti-chafing cream Calmmé

Some jobs are on the nose! But you have to start somewhere.

Did I mention that I did not always work in the glamorous world of cosmetics and fragrance development? A Science Degree alone, did not fast track me into my dream job. My first job was more like a nightmare, but I had to start somewhere! My…
Daphne K Knows running with JB on her back, in the Tough Mudder challenge. Motivating relationships

What Keeps You Motivated?

10 kms down and 10 to go! Grrr....the voice inside my head is saying “Give up!” But there is a voice on the outside, yelling “Daph...come on Daph...nearly there...SMILE!” For the very first time in my life, I ran in a 20 km obstacle…
Daphne K Knows. What drives you? Motivation. Inspiration. Purpose.

What Drives You?

  What ignites the fire in your belly? What a great question and one that I found quite thought provoking.  As a guest panellist at the University of Technology, Sydney, one of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) students asked…