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Best way to apply makeup to acne prone skin

Best application of makeup on acne prone skin by Susan Napper and Daphne Kapetas

Acne and makeup a complicated relationship

Ok so you have a special event to go to on Saturday night, but you have acne flares too. You really want to party hard, but you don’t want to wake up Sunday morning with a face filled with more pimples.

Enhance your best features

The key is to always focus on your best features.  Always focus on what you do have and on what is right. A grateful heart, helps reduce stress and the reduction of stress, helps reduce flare ups.  Take your attention away from those yellow puss spots and remain focused on your eyes and your lips.

When dealing with coverups … turn to the big guns

As a direct response to the blog 14 Tips on how to get rid of acne and the key ingredients to look out for, I have been asked to illustrate how to best apply makeup to acne prone skin.

So I have teamed up with a highly experienced makeup artist, Susan Napper from All That Pretty Stuff .

Together with the support of two teen girls, Kaitlyn and Lily we illustrate how to best apply makeup to skin that is challenged with acne. How to cleverly apply makeup in order to enhance your best features and detract the focus away from the acne.

Applying makeup to acne prone skin may appear to be easy, but it’s not, if you:

  1. Don’t want to make the acne worse and
  2. Do not want to contaminate your products.

There are quite a few scientific hurdles that must be overcome when applying makeup to skin that is challenged. It is not as simple as slathering on a lot of foundation, in the hope that no one will notice, the mountains of pimples suffocating beneath the makeup.

Remember, acne is a temporary skin condition and it does not have to define you. The more you worry about acne, the worse the acne will get.

Acne free skin is possible, its just a matter of time. Until they pass and they will, go face the world with your head held up high and wear those little buggers with confidence and enjoy the skin you’re in.

Now enjoy our video and share the love.



The nose knows.

Daphne K Knows.


and the revolutionary cream, Calmmé.

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  1. Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown says:

    Wow. What gorgeous girls. Such an important and educational video! Acne can effect so many people from different age groups. These tips are helpful and practical. Thanks so much for sharing Daphne and Susan : )

    • Daphne
      Daphne says:

      Thank you so much Jessica for taking the time to provide us with your comments. Yes acne is not only an issue for teenager girls, adult women are affected by it to. Therefore, it was imperative to help our girls not make this phase in their lives worse. Enjoy x


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